Certain entities may have limited access to your information for specific business purposes.
The following entities may have limited access to your information:
Nexgen Outfitters corporate entities for the purposes of customer service, marketing, advertising, promotions, and enhancement and personalization of your shopping experience, as previously described in this policy.
Third-Parties which directly assist Nexgen Outfitters by providing business services and verifying customer information, such as:
i. Credit/debit card partners.
ii. Mail/package carriers.
iii. Partners offering technical and support services for our online store and operations. Analytics and marketing partners which may provide targeted advertisements to you based on your searching history and information, and which help us to better focus our websites to meet the ways in which our customers use and interact with our online portals.
Third-Parties as required by law, and which may be engaged to prevent theft, fraud, and other crimes against Nexgen Outfitters and our customers.
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