We are committed to providing superior security and confidentiality measures to keep your personal information safe. Our online store and website employ physical, administrative, and technical protections to safeguard your information. Security and fraud measures taken by Nexgen Outfitters to protect your information include:
To protect your information, Nexgen Outfitters uses the following security and fraud measures:
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which encrypts your data to maintain its confidentiality in transit across the internet. SSL is represented in your browser by the “https://” prefix in the URL, as well as visually through the use of a closed lock or solid lock icon next to the URL.
Case-sensitive passwords to access user accounts and profiles. Minimum lengths and character minimums are employed to strengthen passwords, but you are encouraged to use unique passwords and change them often, to strengthen this protection.
Your personal information is maintained on a server which is in a physically secure location, and only accessible by personnel needed to ensure the proper function of our server.
Your personal information will be retained by Nexgen Outfitters indefinitely, and will be periodically purged as then-effective retention policies may dictate. You may request that your information be deleted at any time, as addressed in the section below.
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